Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing #23

Well I have finally completed my journey of 23 Things and I would recommend others do this also. As I look back I thought about several things.

1. My two favorite discoveries during this were mashups and third party sites. I think these have so many classroom and library applications. I will be sharing these with teachers on my campus.

2. 23 Things makes me want to learn more about what is out there as well as to look more in depth at what I have already done. To me, this is the definition of lifelong learning.

3. There were some unexpected outcomes in this journey. The biggest one was how difficult #21 was to work. Everything had been so easy up until this point, so it was a little surprising. I also find myself wanting to use every one of the "things".

4. The only improvement I could think of is there were some broken links. Other than that it was fantastic.

5. I would participate again without a doubt. In fact, I will be signing up for 11.5 Things very soon.

6. If I could describe 23 Things in one word it would be: enlightening!

Thing #22

A ning is better than a website, it's a social network. One neat thing is it combines the best of everything. I looked at Texas School Librarians Ning and Teacher Librarian Ning and I found some really good blogs on both. I am going to need to join both of these nings because there is so much good information.

Thing #21

This is my first time to use Photostory and I really liked it. It was incredibly easy. I can see how this could be adapted for a book review. This could be used so many ways in the classroom. I didn't add any music, maybe I'll do that next time. My only downside is I don't like recording my voice. I know that's a funny quirk to have, but it's my thing. I used my spring break pictures from Sequoia National Park for my Photostory. I am having a very difficult time loading my Photostory. Hopefully it will be up soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #20

So many good things came up just by typing in libraries! I found several videos I want to use with my students. I really want to use "No Cookies in the Library" from Sesame Street as part of library orientation. There are other really good videos to be used. I also searched TeacherTube for science and came up with so many hits. I am going to share these with our science lab teacher. I chose the video I did because it was made by a teacher at my school, he made it for a class he was taking and I love it.

Thing #19

Web 2.0 Awards is something I didn't know anything about. I like how it is organized in categories. There are many reasons this awards list could be helpful in the classroom and library. It's kind of nice to see what websites are considered the best in their categories, it can really help narrow down your search for good sites. The most useful categories I see for classrooms and libraries are books, collaborative writing and word processing, education, maps, mapping applications, photos and digital images, and search. These are the ones that stick out to me the most, but I'm sure others may be just as good for classroom applications.

Thing #18

I think Google Docs is fantastic. I have used it several times before and I am constantly referring others to this option. I like it because it has the flexibility of a wiki that more than one person can log in and use this application. I have used this for several assignments and the whole group would take turns accessing it and adding to it. Another big advantage is it can be accessed from any computer. One of the biggest disadvantages I can think of is not that big, it's formatting. There are not tons of options and if you download a document into Google Docs the formatting may change. That is the biggest problem I can think of.

Thing #17

Now that I finally figured everything out, Rollyo is awesome. I had a hard time finding how to share my search. This allows you to build your own search engine. I created a search engine about something I'm interested in: home organization. This is not something I am good at which is why I picked it! I found some really good sites this way. I can see myself using Rollyo more in the future.